The Eight-Hour Workday May Be Thing of the Past
The forty hour work week is a Michigan creation. Henry Ford created it so his workers would have more time to drive around in his new invention, the automobile.
But apparently the forty hour work week is about as common these days as the Dolly Parton song, 'Nine To Five'. That is, you rarel…
Bruce Springsteen Plays Surprise Two-Hour Bar Set [Video]
If there's one thing we all know for sure, it's that Bruce Springsteen loves New Jersey - and given his past history, he loves making surprise appearances. He gave a little love back to his home state over the weekend when he surprised fans with a two-hour gig at a local bar.
Runaways Bassist Accuses Manager of Rape
Original Runaways bassist Jackie Fuchs has leveled some serious accusations against the band’s manager, Kim Fowley (at right in photo).
In an interview with The Huffington Post, Jackie, whose stage name was Jackie Fox, says Fowley drugged and raped her at a pa…
U2 Loves Putting Their Fans On Stage, Here’s Why [Video]
U2's Innocence and Experience Tour has been selling out across North America. The one thing that remains constant as the band travels from city to city is their commitment to involving their fans.
This week in Toronto, a fan named Stephanie played rhythm guitar for the song 'Angel In Harlem…

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