Songs You Never Knew Were Covers: ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ [Video]
Musicians are a closely knit bunch. They love sharing ideas, and invoking their mentors by redoing their songs from time to time. Most times, this is very clear (tribute albums, acoustic concerts, etc.), but some times it's not.
In this feature, I play the original versions of songs you may have…
These Beatle Marionettes Are Adorable [Video]
Okay, I know animal videos outstrip everything else on the internet, but I think these girls, who do a Beatle marionette show on the streets of Spain, deserve more attention than another cat video. (Although they'll never be able to top an owl pooping on another owl.)
U2: Tour Is Under Way [Video]
Reported by Sal Cirrincione in Vancouver
45 months after ending their 360-Degrees tour in eastern Canada, U2 started their Innocence & Experience tour on the other side of the country, in Vancouver at the Rogers Arena.

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