Duh! Michigan Residents Dissatisfied With Our Roads
As someone who just shelled out over a grand to repair and realign his battered front suspension, it comes as no shock to me only 35 percent of Michiganders think our roads are any good.
The only thing that surprises me is how high that number is, and that there's another state who hates their r…
Three Odd Presidential Statues In West Michigan
Did you know three of the most unique Presidential statues are right here in West Michigan? From what may be the smallest statue of a President to the oldest and most unflattering portrayal of a President, we got it all within an hour's drive!
Ex-FBI Chief Joins Investigation Into Flint Water Crisis
Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette today announced he has named former prosecutor Todd Flood as Special Counsel in his probe of the Flint water crisis and that retired Detroit FBI chief Andrew Arena will also join the investigation into whether any Michigan laws were violated in the process tha…

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