Guess What’s Turning 30? [Video]
It was 30 years ago today that we first learned the phrase "where's the beef?"
Clara Peller brought fame to the phrase as well as helping Wendy's grow into a more predominant burger chain up against Burger King and McDonalds.
Here's a couple more memorable spots just f…
Guess Who’s Turning 62?
You're a good man Charlie Brown.....Happy Birthday to the "Peanuts" comic strip who first made their way in to papers all across the world on this day in 1952!
What is your favorite "Peanuts" show they run over the course of the year...
WFGR Retrovision: Creepy Taco Bell Santa Claus
Before Taco Bell was a big national chain player, it was a small regional Mexican fast-food joint.
Back then, it has a much smaller advertising budget. And after watching this creepy commercial from the '70s, you can see what I mean.
WFGR Retrovision–Malls Of The 80’s
This is how time has flied! Remember The mall back in the 80's? I vaguely do. All I remember is the small mall in Kalamazoo called Southland. Had the best big soft pretzels there and a S.S. Kresge (The forerunner to KMart) That was the local mall. Until.
An Amazing List Of Top Ten Songs From 1978 That Didn’t…
Make it to number 1! This is from List of the Day, a Yahoo feature by a guy named Rob O'Connor. I never heard of him or the feature before but this is a pretty interesting read. Back in the day, lots of songs went up and down the charts. And when I say "charts" I really only m…
WFGR Retrovision–Swanson TV Dinners
As I was making my mac and cheese last night, I started thinking I could have had a frozen dinner. And before dinners were "frozen dinners" they were "TV Dinners" and were made by Swanson. People of a certain age will remember the tin foil trays holding turkey, ma…
WFGR Retrovision: Kaboom Cereal [VIDEO]
Remember this cereal?  How can you possibly have a bad day if you're eating a bowl of smileyfaces anyway?!   This cereal with the creepy clown was a favorite of mine as a kid and I think it was because the colors in the cereal were so crazy it would actually turn the milk an day-…

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