WFGR Retrovision–Swanson TV Dinners
As I was making my mac and cheese last night, I started thinking I could have had a frozen dinner. And before dinners were "frozen dinners" they were "TV Dinners" and were made by Swanson. People of a certain age will remember the tin foil trays holding turkey, ma…
WFGR Retrovision: Kaboom Cereal [VIDEO]
Remember this cereal?  How can you possibly have a bad day if you're eating a bowl of smileyfaces anyway?!   This cereal with the creepy clown was a favorite of mine as a kid and I think it was because the colors in the cereal were so crazy it would actually turn the milk an day-…
WFGR Retrovision: WKZO Clubhouse [VIDEO]
For all of you that have been in West Michigan your whole life, you probably remember this gem - the WKZO-TV Channel 3 Clubhouse!  TV like this is long, long gone!  You may even remember someone who appeared on this show - if you did - they would now be close to 40...
WFGR Retrovision: PM Magazine
Remember PM Magazine?  Remember Roaring 20's Pizza?   Remember mustaches in the early 1980's? We'll get ready to jump into a West Michigan Time Machine as we feature a clip of PM Magazine from WZZM 13 from 1982 - and even take a peek at the great retro commercials, Feat…
WFGR Retrovision–The Good Old 70’s
My friend Cristi (who used to work in Grand Rapids at our sister station WGRD) was cleaning out a closet and posted this picture on Facebook. Matt Hendricks is already jealous, I just know. Or he already has this. I wouldn't be surprised by either.
WFGR Retrovision Part 1-The Goldbergs
Foe this WFGR Retrovision, we go back in the 80's! Much like the "I Love the 80's" weekend this weekend on WFGR, Here's a show that goes back. To the 80's.
ABC debut's their new show "The Goldbergs" in 3 weeks.
WFGR Retrovision–Love, American Style
The new show about to be remade from CBS? Love, American Style. Again. I hadn't realized this show has been remade 2 other times, including in the late 90's with Melissa Joan Hart. But CBS is will to try again.
WFGR Retrovision: Bosom Buddies [VIDEO]
TV like this just doesn't exist any more.   This show only last two years, but started a loyal following, and of course, launched a career for Tom Hanks.  There just aren't enough TV shows on these days with men dressing in Drag! Remember what song they used at the theme...
WFGR Retrovision: Disco Duck [VIDEO]
Wow - Here's a throwback - maybe in a good way? Can you believe this was 1977? Check out the stash on Rick Dees and this really lousy video. This song would go on to sell over 1 Million coipes in just a few short months.  Long live the novelty songs...

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