WFGR Retrovision: WKZO Clubhouse [VIDEO]
For all of you that have been in West Michigan your whole life, you probably remember this gem - the WKZO-TV Channel 3 Clubhouse!  TV like this is long, long gone!  You may even remember someone who appeared on this show - if you did - they would now be close to 40...
WFGR Retrovision: PM Magazine
Remember PM Magazine?  Remember Roaring 20's Pizza?   Remember mustaches in the early 1980's? We'll get ready to jump into a West Michigan Time Machine as we feature a clip of PM Magazine from WZZM 13 from 1982 - and even take a peek at the great retro commercials, Feat…
WFGR Retrovision–The Good Old 70’s
My friend Cristi (who used to work in Grand Rapids at our sister station WGRD) was cleaning out a closet and posted this picture on Facebook. Matt Hendricks is already jealous, I just know. Or he already has this. I wouldn't be surprised by either.
WFGR Retrovision Part 1-The Goldbergs
Foe this WFGR Retrovision, we go back in the 80's! Much like the "I Love the 80's" weekend this weekend on WFGR, Here's a show that goes back. To the 80's.
ABC debut's their new show "The Goldbergs" in 3 weeks.
WFGR Retrovision–Love, American Style
The new show about to be remade from CBS? Love, American Style. Again. I hadn't realized this show has been remade 2 other times, including in the late 90's with Melissa Joan Hart. But CBS is will to try again.
WFGR Retrovision: Bosom Buddies [VIDEO]
TV like this just doesn't exist any more.   This show only last two years, but started a loyal following, and of course, launched a career for Tom Hanks.  There just aren't enough TV shows on these days with men dressing in Drag! Remember what song they used at the theme...
WFGR Retrovision: SNL Dan Aykroyd Screen Test [VIDEO]
Now this is TV history!  Check out this very YOUNG Dan Aykroyd as he auditions for at that time was the "new" Saturday Night Live TV show, which hadn't been on the air yet.  Watch this video and you can see why Dan deservedly got the part, and aren't we glad he …
WFGR Retrovision: Disco Duck [VIDEO]
Wow - Here's a throwback - maybe in a good way? Can you believe this was 1977? Check out the stash on Rick Dees and this really lousy video. This song would go on to sell over 1 Million coipes in just a few short months.  Long live the novelty songs...
WFGR Retrovision: Grand Haven Mishap
Let's visit 1941 Shall We? Yes, this was Grand Haven in 1941 - could you imagine seeing a site like this now on the way to Coast Card Festival?  Guess the Bridge was in the up and someone backup just a tad too far!  Guess this is why we have rear view mirrors now...

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