WFGR Retrovision: Colecovision [VIDEO]
According to this commercial, this is the only system you'll ever need.  So here's a question, how many video games system have you bought in the in the last 30+ years? I think for me -it's probably around 10, and I still have most of them, including the colecovision...
WFGR Retrovision-More Old Bad Ads!
The old ads of the 40's 50's and 60's are hilarious. And so politically incorrect. And that's why when I found a collection of old "Bad" ads, I thought they would be a great highlight to WFGR's Retrovision!
WFGR Retrovision… Old Bad Ads! — American Airlines
Ahh the 1950's and 60's. Back when men were men. And TV was TV. AND ads were ADS. Advertising was in it's golden age. Not only could you watch Fred Flintstone smoking a Winston, but you could touch topics that back in the day were just part of life. Today, it's just too political…
WFGR Retrovision: Point-Counter Point
Think back to all of the great SNL bits over the years.  So many great ones you choose from, but this still has to be in my top 5.  The first few years of SNL were truly classic, and this is now over 30 years old, but still just as funny. Jane, You ignorant slut - was the catch phrase for …
Guess Who Used To Be A Power Ranger?
I will give you a couple of hints. He used to be a semi-famous dad on TV's "Malcolm in the Middle" along side Star Frankie Muniz. He also currently plays a "Bad" guy on TV's "Breaking Bad" Gee, I wonder who that could be? Hmmm.

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