Super Fan Gives The Home Run Ball Back
Dave Huyette and his friend Jeremy Reiland were ready and waiting in the the outfield bleacher seats at the World Series game 6, just in case someone hit a game winning home run.  It happened in the the eleventh inning when David Freese came up and hit the walk off home run to give the Cardinals the…
Don’t Buy These 6 Things Used
From, here are 6 things they say are best bought new... don't be a cheapo when it comes to:

Cribs (dropside cribs have been recalled and are no longer recommended)
Televisions (no warranty...wait for a blowout sale and buy last year's model on sale)

Mattresses (Do you really know what happ…
How Can Tommy Tutone’s “Jenny” Save You Money?
This is actually kind of cool. If you have been to a Family Fare or D&W recently, you have been asked to sign up for their new "Yes" cards. It's a shopping card that saves you money, and can get you free gas and other nice things. These cards are all over the country, …
Rock Stars Cutting Birthday Cake Today
If you are celebrating a birthday today,  you're cuttin' cake with Rock Stars!
Celebrating today are:
*Randy Bachman--68.
Guitarist for the Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive.
*Meat Loaf  is 64 Today
Greg Ham from "Men At Work" is 58 today...
Wendy’s Bringing Back “Where’s The Beef?”
Soon you will see and hear the famous strain "Where's the Beef?" from Wendy's. The hamburger chain is bringing back the iconic advertising catchphrase from the mid 1980's...and in homage to KFC's Col. Sanders, they will bring back Clara Peller to utter the famou…
Last Night…By Craig Russell.
So my night started at 9pm last night. I went to the store, and then went home. I had some show to watch..."2 and a Half Men"...or something. Most people were either going to watch "Dancing With The B-Lister's" or "2 and a Half Men". I'…
Bolton @ The Emmys…Classic!
Michael Bolton doing the Jack Sparrow song from the internet last night on the Emmycast...Classic...the lame "Health risks from becoming an Emmy winner"...not so much. The 4 hour erection/acceptance speech joke? Are you kidding? And the low talking smarmy announcer guy who does the smart a…
26 Years Ago…Letterman Started His Top 10 Lists!
It's hard to believe there was a time David Letterman was on TV and DIDN'T do a Top 10 list. September 18, 1985 was the first ever Letterman Top 10 list. And now through the magic of someone videotaping their TV back in the day, keeping it for all these years, then uploading it to YouTube,…
Another “Best Of Craigslist”!
Thanks to Facebook Friend Lisa for this! "Best of Craigslist" are funny Craigslist posts...most of them are in the "Free" section, and thus get flagged and taken off. This one, however, is in the "Items Wanted" section, so it should stay up!

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