My Top 5 Record Stores in West Michigan
When I was 15 I found my dad's copy of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. I thought that was SO cool, but there was one problem- I didn't have anything to play it with! So when I turned 16 a few weeks later my mom surprised me with a record player and I've been amassing a collection of records ever…
Craig’s Review Of Taco Bell’s New Breakfast
First there was FourthMeal. Now there's First Meal. Taco Bell has reintroduced breakfast at it's 72,318 locations in North America. OK maybe that number is a bit high. It jsut seems like there's that many locations. When I say reintroduce, I mean that TB has had breakfast before. So h…
15 Things You Should ALWAYS Buy at the Dollar Store! [Video]
I don't care what your background is, your job, your status or your bank account amount.
If you spend $3 for a pack of paper plates you can buy at the dollar store for a dollar, you are a fool. Simple as that.
There are many items you can buy cheaper at the dollar store than you can buy at othe…
The Best Scary Movie Ending GIFs!
Again, Halloween is just around the corner! So just in time, its the 21 Century way to relive the best scary movie endings. No reason to watch the whole movie in 2013, no siree bob! Not when there are GIF's!
Would You (Or Do You) Make Money Online?
I have a list. Maybe you have heard of it. It's called Craigslist. OK not really, but its kind of funny to start with. Having said that, I have bought and sold many things on CL. Including furniture, my car, and computer. And while its been fine for something, I really haven't used Craigsl…
The New TV Season Is Here–Review Of “Mom”
The name Chcuk Lorre is pretty famous in the TV production world. "The Drew Carey Show" "Roseanne" "Grace Under Fire" "Darhma and Greg" "Two and a Half Men" and "The Big Bang Theory" and just a few of the shows he's created, written for and…
The Saddest Cookbook Of All Time.
I like watching the Food Network. I enjoy watching all the shows where they explain how to make cool recipes with few ingredients and a little time. I also want to go on the food network's website Food Network Dot Com and look up said recipes and attempt to make them. I never usually get there.

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