What I Remember About 9/11/01
I remember the day was the deepest blue sky I had ever seen. Living in Northern Michigan at the time, I always chalked it up to how close we were to water. It makes the sky that much bluer. I remember I was watching the Today Show. From around 9 o clock on.
And The Number One Minor League Sports Town Is….
NOT Grand Rapids. I know, right? What the...Don't they know we won the Calder Cup? Actually the Sports Business Journal does a survey every two years ranking the top minor league sports towns in America. And the winner is close to Michigan. and another in the top 10 is too.
Two And A Half…Women? Is This Show Saveable?
To say Two and a Half Men has Jumped the Shark is an insult to Ted McGinley. If The character actor who destroyed such classic TV shows as The Love Boat, Happy Days and Married...With Children showed up on TAAHM this year, someone at CBS should lose their job.
Bob Vila Is A Freakin’ Genius!
I watch alot of home improvement tv. HGTV, DIY Netowrk, PBS, etc. I like quite a few of those kind of shows. But I never really have been a fan of Bob Vila. I would watch This Old House repeats, but never really thought Vila was much of anything.
California Psychics–Fact Or Fiction?
A couple of nights ago I saw a commercial on late night TV for something I hadn't seen in a long time. A psychic reading phone number. Who calls anyone anymore anyway? All I could think was "Is this a reboot of the 'Psychic Friends Network' wih Dionne Warwick?" No, I…
What Your E-Mail Inbox Says About You.
For years, how you tie your shoes and which salty snack you favor could tell researchers all about you. (If you double tie you are in introvert and if you like tortilla chips you are a spicy lover) Now, modern technology rears it's ugly head and gives new insight to our personality.
This Movie Prop For Sale Could Start World War 3!
Looking for world domination? Remember the cartoon "Pinky and the Brain" from Animaniacs? The Brain was a mouse ripoff of Orson Wells. Short, chunky with jowls for days. Pinky was his bumbling sidekick who always asked "What do you want to do tonight Brain?" And t…
The Rolling Stones Rock Chicago
Chicago has held a special pull for the Rolling Stones from before the group even existed. Mick Jagger was famously carrying albums from Chicago-based Chess Records when he ran into his childhood pal Keith Richards at the Dartford railway station in 1960...
McDonald’s Has A New Late Night Menu!
And it includes Egg McMuffins! Thanks to chains like Jack in the Box (which we dont have here but should) and Steak and Shake, McDonald's has released their new "Late Night Menu" I saw an ad for it on the Tigers game Monday afternoon.

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