The Best And Worst Jobs In America!
The Wall Street Journal has lots of time on it's hand to come up with these type of lists. "Best Places to retire" and "Coolest Places to invest" are just a few they have turned out in the past months. And now you can see where your career stacks up in their …
Everything Old Is New Again.
I say it every time something classic is remade. Whether it's an old song being redone by a hot new hip kid artist, a TV show being "retooled" for a new audience, or a movie being remade for the 21st century (the latest being a report that "Weird Science" will be updated) Every t…
Fast Food Dollar Menu’s–My Best Friends!
Yes it's true. The dollar menu at my local fast food joint is the prefect way to get a quick cheap lunch. Changes, however, are a-comin. And I have to be honest, im not really a big fan. And the folks at TV 13 are right there with me.
11 Things Mom Told You Just Aren’t Really True
Ken Jennings...remember that name? He was the guy who won two and a half million dollars winning 74 straight games on Jeopardy a few years back. He is also an author, and he has written a new book. It's about Mom myths--things that Mom used to tell you that just really aren't true.
As Seen On Tv Items–Deal Or Dud?
My daughter is MY daughter. She not only is a ham, but she loves TV. Good girl, sweetheart. She enjoys my passion for the entertainment medium, and she LOVES infomercials and "As seen on TV" commercials. It's cool when your kids pick up on stuff that you like without even push…
Craig’s Gulity TV Pleasure–Shark Tank
Have you ever watched "Shark Tank"? This is a show on the ABC Television Network where wanna be entrepreneurs pitch their ideas in front of business people who have made millions. Maybe billions. I watch it every chance I get.
Guess What Makes People The Happiest?
Surveys are fun. When done correctly, they can give an accurate description of life in our times in this crazy world. They also can be ridiculous. Some surveys and polls will tell you exactly what you think. This survey, done in New Zeeland, is one such survey.

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