The Most Common Job In MIchigan Is…
Using census data, NPR has drawn a map of the Unites States which lists the most common job in every state.
It's not surprising to find that the most common job in Michigan has shifted from machine operator in 1978 to electronic equipment assembly in 1996, to this job, which incidentally, is the…
The Last Ever VCRs are About to Be Created
Still have a bunch of movies on VHS laying around? Think you might want to watch them again in the future? Well, if you don't have a working VCR, you're going to want to get your hands on one soon because the last ever VCRs are being manufactured this month.
A Crash Course in Pokémon Go!
Unlike the rest of the world, I haven't really started playing the Pokémon Go game yet. I have a lot of questions... Just how I am suppose to get involved in this craze that is sweeping the nation? I need to learn how to play the game.

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