Throwback Thursday: Remember Pepsi Dance Trax? [Video]
Pepsi Dance Trax was a teen dance show that aired early Sunday mornings on Fox-17 from late 1988 until early 1990.
Featuring local teenagers dancing and wearing the fashions and haircuts of the time (boy, did they!!), it was hosted by top 40 DJs from WGRD, WKLQ and 104.5 Sunny FM. The show was taped …
What TV Show Do People Miss The Most? [Video]
Here’s one that doesn’t shock us. A Harris Poll found that of all the TV shows that went off the air, Americans were most upset by the end of one in particular.
Here's a hint on which show it is: It involves a bunch of people who live in New York City. Did your favorite show make the…
CBS Throws Letterman Set into Dumpster [Video]
Remember the old Seinfeld episode where Kramer found the set of a TV show in a dumpster and set it up in his apartment? It appears you can do that with the set from The Late Show with David Letterman.
Was this just timely moving on, or a kick in the face to a late-night legend and fans?

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