Oh My! Michigan’s Dick Enberg Ends An Illustrious Career [Video]
Buried behind the headlines honoring L.A. Dodgers broadcasting legend Vin Scully's final game was the fact that Michigan native and CMU grad Dick Enberg also called his last game. I had the honor of sharing a broadcast booth with him once, and he was the nicest guy to a young, probably terrible…
A “Jeopardy” Tribute to Prince
You know you have hit the big time when you show up as an answer on Jeopardy! "Who is....?"
You must be a really big deal when you are the subject of all the categories on the game wall.
Local Children’s Shows of the Past
There was once a time when local television stations would produce shows for children.
At one point, every major city had their own local “Bozo the Clown” or “Romper Room”. Many other cities had other characters that would host children’s television shows as well...

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