Five Places In Grand Rapids That Cook Meat With Fire
When you're suffering from a bad cold and it's snowing outside, you tend to watch WAY too much Netflix. Last week, I stumbled across a series called Cooked, which is the history of cooking. It was fascinating.
The first episode was called 'Fire', which showed how the invention of fire led to the mode…
‘Bob’ Of Bob And Ray Dies [Video]
Lost in the onslaught of all the celebrity deaths this year, was a comedy genius who helped fuel my desire to get into radio. Bob Elliot of the '50s and '60s comedy team Bob and Ray was 92 years old.
Hear Jessie J Cover ‘Grease’ [Video]
When “Grease Live” finally airs on Fox, you won’t be hearing Frankie Valli singing the show’s main theme song. Instead, Jessie J covers the classic tune, “Grease,” and in case you missed it, the network just released the full version of the song, including a video…

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