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NASA’s Back in Space Flight Game with Orion [Video]
NASA reached a major milestone Friday as the Orion spacecraft completed its first voyage to space, traveling farther than any spacecraft designed for astronauts has been in more than 40 years.
Bottom line: NASA's back in the spaceflight game for the first time since the space shuttle program end…
These Are Not Your Dad’s Versions of ‘Jingle Bells’ [Video]
We've been playing Christmas music on Greatest Hits 98.7 WFGR's sister station, 100.5 The River, since Nov. 2.
In addition to my gig as mid-day host on 98.7 WFGR, I am also our operations manager. Part of my job is helping schedule the music for WFGR and 100.5 The River.
So, yes, I have gotten to know…
Man Lands A Spacecraft On A Moving Comet [Video]
Only a space geek like myself can honestly say, "Forget those Kim Kardashian photos, we just recreated the movie 'Armegeddon' and landed on a comet!!"
For the first time since the internet was invented, the word "AMAZING!" is actually being used correctly…

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