Are you like you get into a rut? I eat the same cereal for weeks at a time, or I take the same way to work everyday. TV Networks seem to have the same problem. They develop the same basic types of shows. And I'm not talking all "reality" shows, I'm talking about the specific networks. Let me explain.

Fox has "American Idol". And "So You Think You Can Dance". And this fall "The X Factor". NBC has a couple of game shows that are very similar. NBC also tries hour long family drama's that really haven't worked. Then there's CBS. The "Tiffany" network has "Undercover Boss"...And they have run out "I Get That Alot" about celeb look-a-likes doing regular people jobs (read: you and me)...NOW CBS has "Same Name"

It's a show where B lister's trade lives with "regular" people with the same name. And Holland's Mike Tyson got to do just that.

The Grand Rapids Press says producers of the new CBS reality show “Same Name” chose Mike Tyson — a nurse at Spectrum Health — to trade lives with the former boxer and caught it all on tape. Due to contract stipulations, Zeeland’s Tyson couldn’t go into detail about his involvement, except to say: “It was a great time.” However, on July 7, the celebrity Tyson wrote the following on his Facebook page: “Spent time with an awesome guy yesterday that shares my name.”

“Same Name,” which debuts at 10 p.m. Sunday, will feature average people who share the same name as a celebrity. On Sunday’s premiere, reality-TV star and actor David Hasselhoff changes places with the owner of a lawn mower business — and new father — with the same name.

Other celebrities featured this season will include comedian Kathy Griffin and football player Reggie Bush. The Mike Tyson episode is scheduled to air Aug. 7. Posted on the TV show’s website is a photo of the boxer in scrubs next to Dr. Karlin Sevensma, a private practice surgeon at Metro Health. She is the wife of Zeeland’s Tyson, Metro Health spokeswoman Ellen Bristol said.

During Tyson’s stay in West Michigan earlier this month, crews also filmed him having dinner at Boatwerks in Holland. Wonder what kind of a tip he left.

What's next for CBS...."Hey you over there...wanna a TV show?" From Mark Burnett and Donald Trump....Hmmmm might be on to something...