Note: This is an opinion blog. It does not reflect the views of WFGR, Or Townsquare Media. If at some point the video associated with this story goes away, you will know why.

It's possible Channel 8 might have crossed the line this time. And I'm torn about it. The station that's famous for "BREAKING NEWS" and strange story telling has produced a piece about Jessica Heeringa, the Muskegon woman who has been missing since late April. She was last seen at the gas station in Norton Shores where she works. Most in West Michigan know the story.

Now Ken Kolker, a nice guy who works as a reporter for Channel 8, has produced a story featuring Jessica's son, who "knows his mom is not around" It goes on to explain that the boy looks for his mom everywhere he goes, and has been told "she's lost" Here's the piece.

On the one hand, the piece brings the story back to the forefront, after falling off the top of the news lately. And while I am a complete believer in the power of a free press, the story seems kind of cheap and just a sad ploy to get viewers. Or to make a name. Either way exploiting a little boy for the sake of some ratings just is wrong.

That's what I think.