In 1972, they recorded their highly acclaimed album "Live at the Paramount" which was recorded at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle.

Leskiw left the band before the Paramount show in 1972 to be replaced by Don McDougall, and bassist Jim Kale left after his lifestyle could no longer support touring. Winter's former bandmate Bill Wallace came in to take over bass duties. This preceded an overseas tour with Three Dog Night in November–December 1972 to Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

Cummings, Wallace and Winter wrote the Guess Who's last big hit, "Clap For The Wolfman", which reached #4 in Canada and #6 in the U.S. and which was an homage to disc jockey Wolfman Jack, who lent his voice to the recording before McDougall and Winter left in June 1974. Domenic Troiano became the new lead guitarist for the band and Cummings' chief songwriting collaborator.

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