Today is National Pi Day. (Remember High School?) 3.14 is Pi. Today is 3.14.12. Clever. To celebrate, I'm going to share the best Fruit pie I have ever eaten. It's tasty and easy AND it has Krispy Kreme glaze on it it. It's the new Krispy Kreme Apple Pies. You can't but them AT a Krispy Kreme store, but you CAN get them at retail locations that sell KK Donuts. (In GR, that's Speedway gas stations and some Family Fare stores)

Now these pies are delicious. Basically its a Hostess Fruit pie, only WAY better. Yum. And speaking of Krispy Kreme donuts, I got to go to school with my daughter last week. It was "Dads and Donuts" day. We ate Krispy Kremes, and hung out. It was lots of fun!

And what goes better with donuts than coffee? Nothing! On Thursday, get a regular four dollar Latte at Biggby Coffee for 99 cents! It's Biggby's 17th birthday, so they are passing the savings on to you! Get the coupon you need HERE and enjoy! Don't ever say I never did anything for ya!