Uh oh, Regis. This isn't good for anyone who wants to make some cheesy nachos for the big game.

Published reports indicate there "could" be a Velveeta shortage.

The ubiquitous yellow block cheese that has made melting easy since the 1940s is in large demand this time of the year. Mixed with a jar of salsa or beanless chili, it makes a tasty dipping snack perfect for a big-game party or get together such as the Super Bowl.

But for some unknown reason, Velveeta appears to be flying off the shelves, and the stock is not replenishing.

From CNN's report comes this:

Some consumers may be unable to find Velveeta products in the next couple of weeks, Kraft Foods Group spokeswoman Jody Moore said by e-mail Tuesday. She did not provide any specific reasons for the shortage. 'This is really a short-term situation that is more noticeable during our current period of increased seasonal demand,' she said. Known for its smooth texture that makes it ideal for dips and cheeseburgers, Velveeta is a popular eat for game-watching parties -- from college match-ups to the Super Bowl."

Maybe the Velveeta tree has stopped sprouting cheese?

Hmm. Maybe the new, slick Velveeta "Liquid Gold" commercials are the cause. That's some damn good cheese.