Have you ever watched "Shark Tank"? This is a show on the ABC Television Network where wanna be entrepreneurs pitch their ideas in front of business people who have made millions. Maybe billions. I watch it every chance I get.

The show has been on Sunday nights, Friday nights, and Tuesdays nights. How in the world it's still on the air is beyond me. Other than it has to be cheap to produce. The Sharks, the Billionaire business people led by Dallas Mavericks owner Marc Cuban, put their own money up to back projects they think have a chance. But if the Sharks don;t think the venture will work, they are "Out" and they move on to the next group hawking their wares.

Here's a clip from the show..

This show is my guilty pleasure! Seeing the faces of people who get their money is priceless...like on "House Hunters" where the fun is trying to guess which house they will pick, on the "Tank" it's guessing who will get the backing and who won't!

For now, Shark Tank is on ABC (channel 13) at 8pm on Fridays.