A gentleman on Craigslist is looking for someone who can really dangle some bacon. When I first heard this story, my mind went straight to the gutter-- I mean, 'dangle bacon'? C'mon. If that isn't sexual innuendo, I don't know what is. However, I was mistaken. Turns out the Craigslist poster is actually looking for someone to help him work out...Yep. Think of the whole carrot on a stick idea-- this guy is hoping the delicious breakfast meat will help get him to the gym. 

Specifically, the YMCA, as the ad states: 

I am in need of someone who will cook (not microwave) and dangle bacon in front of my starving face while running to the YMCA. The objective is to trick my arse into working out.

If you think this might be the job for you, just make sure you meet his qualifications:

Must be able to run a few miles without going horizontal
Must be able to fend off wild dogs and rodents
Must be able to dodge stray bullets
Must provide own transportation
G-rated picture is required to prove physique

Dodge bullets? Rough neighborhood maybe? I don't know if it's worth it for the $10 per mile he's offering. Though he does include "+ tips", so maybe there's the opportunity to make more-- Like if your bacon is really crispy. Or if your dangle is at the proper angle.

Anyway, looks like interviews were conducted on Thursday. However, I'm willing to bet the position may still be open if you're interested.