Back in the day, single people actually had to interact in person and figure things out while they were trying to find true love. It wasn't as simple as flicking your Tinder photos to the left or right.

Here are some of the bits of retro dating advice you might have heard if you were on the prowl back in the dark ages.

* "Don't openly prefer blondes when you are with a brunette." --  "The Do's And Don'ts of Dating For Boys And Girls," 1964

Probably not bad advice for today, either. Also, not a good idea to express your desire for a large-breasted woman when you’re dating someone of smaller features.

"When necking becomes the major interest and the No.1 indoor sport, you’re playing with fire and you could get badly singed." -- Advice columnist Ann Landers, 1950s

Again, there’s a lesson to be learned here. Next time you’re hitting on a woman, either in real life or online, ask her if she’s interested in “necking.” It’s a platinum pickup line.

"Dear Girls -- Never sit on a young man's lap unless you receive an invitation. To act otherwise is considered rather forward in the best society if you are less than 30 years old. If you are beyond that age, naturally desperate measures may sometimes be necessary." -- "The Day Book," 1916

What was going on in 1916 that this warning  had to be issued? And Gramma called those the "good old days"?