David Coverdale has been dealing with a recent home invasion...by a big-ass BEAR!  In an interview with “Classic Rock” magazine, the Whitesnake frontman says he was at his home in Lake Tahoe over the weekend when a 450-to-500-pound black bear "took out two armed screens, opened the fridge, ate his fill," and then left his own, more personal mess.

Coverdale says he went upstairs and, unable to find his air horns, simply "shouted like crazy" to interrupt the bear and scare him away and adds that he didn't know how the bear got in until he saw the animal "rear up on its hind legs and squeeze out" through a five-to-six-inch opening in the sliding doors – which have "bear poles" that are supposed to prevent humans and wildlife from entering.  One “heartbreaking” loss for David?  The loss of the antique Tiffany lamp the bear smashed while making its exit.

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