David Lynch of "Blue Velvet" and "Twin Peaks" fame, has directed a new Duran Duran concert film. The film, called "Duran Duran Unstaged", will have its premiere in over 300 theaters nationwide on September 10.

Lynch, known for quirky and weird films with experimental production values, has put forth a trailer to the film which promises something a little different than your normal concert film.

The film will be released on DVD/Blue Ray at some as yet undetermined date.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The trailer shows that it will have that famous Lynch touch, although it doesn't reveal too much, other than there's some intriguing guests planned for the show.

Duran Duran's own website has even better footage, including this interview footage where Lynch gets Nick Rhodes talking about his bizarre dreams.

Movie website, The Dissolve, also found this footage of Lynch working on the film.

And then they found this Italian trailer, which shows more of the actual concert and some of the film itself, which features dancing dolls!