Leave it to the Lions to just show the world how inept a franchise they really are. Yes they haven't a Championship since 1957, yes, they haven't won a playoff game in 21 years, and yes it's another season of losing. But now, they even make their promotional items lose as much as the team. It's almost like they actually sell the bags people wear over their heads to the game!

The new Lions 2013 calendar has been released. Guess who is on the cover? It's non other than bad boy "now off the team" receiver Titus Young. Yahoo Sports story "There are a few major problems with the Detroit Lions’ 2013 calendar" tells of other problems with the team...and the calendar.

"There are other issues with the calendar. Cornerback Aaron Berry, who was released in July after arrests for DUI and simple assault, is Mr. January. Running back Jahvid Best, who hasn't played at all this year due to concussion issues, is also in there. Potential salary cap casualties Nate Burleson and Kyle Vanden Bosch are also featured. Oh, yeah -- per CBS Detroit, the calendar also featured a 2012 schedule (!) and a Super Bowl history that ... well, doesn't include the Lions at all."

We have lived through this. Lions fans and Michigan residents have come to expect this. It's not like this was produced in a sweat shop in Sterling Heights. "The calendar, made by a company called "Perfect Timing, Inc.," (yeah, right) isn't some cheap knock-off -- it's the team's official 2013 product, with the NFL and NFLPA logos and everything."

Lions....Super Bowl Bound...in 2071!

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