After two World Series appearances in eight seasons with the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland has stepped down as manager.

Leyland told his players of his decision after Saturday's season-ending loss in Boston.

At today's press conference Leyland jokingly said that he didn't know how to react when the players clapped after he made that announcement.

In the beginning of the press conference Leyland promised that he wouldn't get emotional. He wasn't able to keep that promise...and that's 100% Jim Leyland.

Leyland did not have a contract with the Tigers for the 2014 season.  General Manager Dave Dombrowski had told Leyland he was planning to ask him back. Leyland said it would have been selfish of himself to return, citing his age as one reason.

Leyland said he could not have asked for a better owner.  Leyland also took time to thank fans, players, front office staff, and more.

Leyland is not fully retiring and will remain with the Detroit Tigers in the front office.

Many questioned some of Leyland's decisions during their latest playoff run. The questioning was nothing new and comes with the territory, but count me among those who think Leyland did a good job not only during the 2013 playoffs but over the past eight years.

Leyland finishes with 700 wins as a Detroit Tigers manager, that's the third most managerial wins in Detroit Tigers history. Leyland had 1,769 total wins in his 22-year managerial career.

Thank you Jim Leyland for eight great years!

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