Grand Rapids city residents are getting a surprise in the mail. An extra refund check.

City officials are commenting about how some 70ish taxpayers are getting a duplicate tax refund from the city.

Before you go thinking you are in the money, honey, watch what WOOD-TV, Channel 8, had to say about the snafu.

City Manager Greg Sundstrom said the checks went only to individuals, not corporations, and says the system that had the flaw is separate from other city accounts like payroll.

"If they’re one of the lucky 73, if they just contact our city income tax office, they can mail it to us, drop it off. We’ll somehow arrange to receive that check," he told WOOD-TV.

He also said the city knows who received the extra cash, so those people wouldn’t be able to fly under the city’s radar and make off with its money.

"I don’t think you would run far with 20 bucks," Sundstrom said.

So there. You have been warned.