...used to be on "Mad Men"? It's true! And she used to be on "House," "United States of Tara," "ER," "Angel," "The Comeback," "Everybody Loves Raymond," and other cable shows. Really! Flo, better known in real life as comedian Stephanie Courtney, doesn't do much other than her insurance gig anymore.

A great story from Yahoo called "Flo the Insurance Lady Was on 'Mad Men'?!" tells the story of how the geeky and perky insurance pitchwoman made it to Manhattan in the 1960's.

"What, you don't remember when Flo, that superperky saleswoman from the Progressive Insurance commercials, traveled back in time to the "Mad Men" era? She did, when Flo's portrayer, comedian Stephanie Courtney, appeared as droll switchboard operator Marge in five memorable Season 1 episodes of the AMC drama.
Whether she was watching, disgusted, with Peggy as Ken Cosgrove chased a secretary around an office party to sneak a peek at her panties or discussing the more titillating passages in great literature with Joan, Marge's appearances were brief but memorable."

Here's video of Flo, err Stephanie on Mad Men.

Kinda weird the ad before the video wasn't a Progressive or State Farm commercial. The story goes on to explain Stephanie doesn't have a Twitter account, but Flo Does. Follow her @ItsFlo

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