I don't think I'm much different than you. If I get a call to my phone from a number I don't recognize, I don't answer it. T hat's why they invented called ID right? Well in the past two days, I have gotten 6 calls from 614-536-0768, along with 27 other odd numbers, like 209-000-1467 and 011-245-2845355.

It's pretty obvious some has gotten ahold of my number and are now spamming the crap out of me! Well when I Google some of the numbers, it takes me to a website called "800 notes" which is a complaint message board for these bothersome numbers.

Here's what a couple people had to say about 614-536-0768

"Received multiple calls from this number over several hours. The text of the messages left is as follows: "Hello. This call is made to inform you that we have received your accepted loan application and now you're also getting approved for a 2500 dollars line of credit. So, in order to activate this offer, please call us on (727) 897-5861. Once again, the phone number is (727) 897-5861. We will be awaiting for your call. Thank you very much and you have a great day." Accent of caller is South Asian and reasonably polished in terms of speaking English. Clearly, this is spam and I note that the call back number is completely different; in fact, the area code of the caller is Columbus, Ohio and the callback number is Pinellas County in Florida."


"since the first of the new year I have received an obscene abundance of calls from 614 536-0768, a cell phone in Gahanna, Ohio; 952 679-3151, a landline in Chaska, MN; 877 231-0279; 877 333-7195; a mysterious one from 208 132-9666 (which according to my research 208 132 (NXX) does not exist for lay customers); and lastly an AOL/AIM txt from Patto Wetchet at 265-019."

My advice--don't call them back. Hit ignore. Just let it ring. Sure it's annoying, but I'm pretty convinced if you answer, it just keeps them calling...