Yesterday was another day of hard hitting NFL action! The Lions eeked out a win over arch rival Minnesota. My Bears lost to F!**&# Tim Tebow and the Overtime! Grrrrr. And yesterday as I was watching the Houston/Cincinnati game on the NFL Red Zone Channel (which is way awesome! and so much cheaper than the Sunday Ticket--Its basically live look-in at every game going on) and noticed something unusual.

CBS kept showing a small group of fans sitting the upper deck at Paul Brown Stadium. They looked like they we're keeping Bob Ucker's seats warm for him from the old 1980's beer commercials. You know, Sittin' up "in the front row!" Here's their view....

They got the best seats in...the next to top row in the half empty stadium!

Hey, they made the best of it...

These aren't just any fans...they happen to be the parents of Houston starting Quarterback T.J.Yates! Come on, that's the best seats they could get for the quarterback's parents and family! Boo Bengals....Boo!

Here's the story and video from Yahoo..."These are the best seats we could get for TJ Yates’ parents?"

By the way, Houston won in the last seconds and wrapped up the division title! Karma!