So I have a MetroPCS phone. Why should I pay 130 dollars a month for something I can pay 40 dollars a month for? I'm might be dumb, but I ain't stupid! Anyhoo, one of the ways MetroPCS keeps the cost down is to send little advertising text messages and polls. I got one over weekend. It was the answers to a recent poll. "College Bowl Survey"

The survey had 5 questions to it. All had to do with the upcoming College football bowls. Who will win the Sugar Bowl? Who will win the National Championship game? And so on. The last question had to do with the biggest story in college football (The Penn State scandal) The 4 questions that dealt with the actual games had 4 different score and winning combinations, AND a 5th choice. "Don't Know/Don't Care"

The answer to the ALL the game questions? "Don't Know/Don't Care." I'm guessing that maybe more females/people who don't care football have these phones. OR maybe most people don't care about the bowl games in general.

Don't know, and don't care.