On Monday, you could lose the internets. A few years ago, some hackers infiltrated a whole bunch of computers, and the Government nailed em! Good Job Government! But one piece of malware got through, and has been waiting to infect computers. The date of infection-Monday. July 9th. THIS Monday. But don't fret, most computers anti virus software caught it, and took care of it. If yours didn't, you could lose the internet.

It has to do with the way your computer looks at the "DNS" settings. If it's mapped correctly, you can access the internet no problem. But if this virus goes thrugh, it will change your DNS mapping, and boom-no internet for you. Here's an easy way to check, go to this website.
If you are safe, the message will read this

"Your computer appears to be looking up IP addresses correctly!

Had your computer been infected with DNS changer malware you would have seen a red background. Please note, however, that if your ISP is redirecting DNS traffic for its customers you would have reached this site even though you are infected. For additional information regarding the DNS changer malware, please visit the FBI's website at: http://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2011/november/malware_110911

Don't lose your internet like Phil Shiffley. Go to the DNS ok website, and keep your internet. This message is not endorsed by directv, or Phil Shiffley.