Poor Fritz Klug. He works for MLive and the Kalamazoo Gazette. I'm sure when he saw he was chosen for the writing assignment "Elton John in Kalamazoo Today" he would get to meet Sir Elton. Or at least get to see the show for free. Great thing to tweet about. Only one little problem.

He actually has to cover a nuclear reactor meeting in South Haven. So in the story he wrote for the Gazette/MLive.com today, he had to make mention of the fact he WOULDN'T be at the show....

Here's the text from the article...

"Goodbye yellow brick road...hello Kalamazoo. Welcome to Crocodile Rock Today, your look at all things Elton John, in Kalamazoo, today.

Tonight the Rocket Man, one of the greatest and most popular musicians of all time, will perform a sold-out show at Wings Stadium at 8 p.m. If you're going or want to go, we'll have the latest news on mlive.com/kalamazoo. Also, check out our tag page for all updates as they come in.

John Liberty will review the show, Mark Bugnaski will take pictures and we'll be covering all things leading up to the first song. And I'll be covering the NRC meeting on Palisades nuclear power plant in South Haven.

Now we know what is TRULY important....;)

"Crocodile Rock Today: Elton John comes to Kalamazoo"