Ohio-based security firm Diebold has developed an ATM machine with the same touch screen interface as a tablet or smart phone.  The objective of the machine is to eliminate the need for cards and pins.

Currently the machine works by providing a QR code that the customer must scan with a mobile device. A unique one-time code is sent to the customer’s mobile device that they then have to type in to the ATM. Effectively making your phone or tablet your ATM card and your pin changes every time. The ATM will also be paperless by sending the receipt to the same portable device. Diebold wants to further simplify the process by introducing face recognition software.

Companies like Uniqul, based in Finland, are developing such facial recognition software. For Uniquil this software will be utilized for not only ATMs, but also as a form of cashless transaction for any business willing to build the systems in. This will make your face the last card you will ever have to carry. The consumer will sign up with Uniqul, making an account that stores your biometric information, measurements of your face, as well as any account information you choose to link to the service. When you go to check out all you will have to do is smile for the camera and the system will recognize you, you will be prompted to accept the transaction, and the funds will be withdrawn from your account.