Swearing isn’t “polite” but who knew it could cost you $200?

A Michigan teen was recently fined $200 after he swore near a playground in Brighton.

19 year-old Colin Andersen says he got frustrated when a Brighton police officer gave his friend a ticket for skate boarding downtown so he swore under his breath and no children heard him.

The Brighton police officer thought differently.

After arguing with the officer, Andersen was ticketed and ultimately fined $200 for disorderly conduct, which includes language that causes a breach of the peace.

Brighton Police Chief Tom Wightman said the playground is popular among families with young children, and disorderly teens hanging out downtown has been an ongoing issue.

Andersen fought the ticket at the Livingston County District Court magistrate—but lost.

The story is now making national headlines and was picked up by Time, USA Today and the Huffington Post.

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