The asteroid named 2012 DA14 will be passing within Earth's geosynchronous orbit this afternoon at around 2pm EST.  This will be the closest an asteroid has passed by Earth since man began recording such events.  NASA will be tracking the asteroid with their telescopes and broadcasting it live on UStream.

The only moving object is on the screen is 2012 DA14.  For more information on the asteroid, you can check out NASA's blog.

If you are wondering about whether their was a relation between this asteroid and the Russian meteorite that injured several hundred people yesterday, here is what NASA had to say...

Editor's Note: NASA statement on Russian meteor:

"According to NASA scientists, the trajectory of the Russian meteorite was significantly different than the trajectory of the asteroid 2012 DA14, making it a completely unrelated object. Information is still being collected about the Russian meteorite and analysis is preliminary at this point. In videos of the meteor, it is seen to pass from left to right in front of the rising sun, which means it was traveling from north to south. Asteroid DA14's trajectory is in the opposite direction, from south to north."