In all the serious events of the past few days, here's a news item that might have been overshadowed. Fred Willard, TV character and "Best in Show" actor, was accused of a "lewd act" in a Hollywood adult movie theatre. (a lewd act, huh? Gee, wonder what he could have been DOING) In the days since the news broke, PBS has severed ties with the 72 year old actor who was narrating the network's "Market Warriors" show.

The actor, who has been in everything from "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" and "Fernwood 2Night" back in the 70's to roles on "Everybody Loves Raymond" and in "This is Spinal Tap" was booked and released without posting bail. Uniformed vice saw Willard during a routine sweep through the theatre. The full story is here: 'Best in Show' actor Willard accused of lewd act

Somewhere Paul Rubens is having a good laugh. And Pee Wee Herman is undoing the shackle of public humility. My question is, with DVD's, DVR's, Skinimax and THE INTERNET...why would you have to even go to an adult theatre, let alone commit a lewd act in one?