You know me. I tell you about the Fast Food deals in town! I'm the "Food Hustle-r" just in time for lunch! If you like smashburger, and your last name has "burger" in it, you get a FREE smashburger! All day today!

From Fox 17 And Haley Otman's story on Twitter "People With ‘Burger’ In Their Names Get A Free Burger Tuesday

"Everyone who qualifies will get a free Classic Smash burger, with your ID that has your “Burger” or “Berger” variation (including Weinberger, Rosenberger, etc.). According to, there are approximately 21,687 people in the U.S. with the last name of Burger, and 1,530 people with the last name of

There are three smashburgers in Grand Rapids. One is in Suite 1300, of 25 Michigan Street. The second is at 2650 E Beltline SE, at 28th Street and the Beltline. The third is at Eastport Drive and Kalamazoo Avenue SE in Kentwood."

I would have thought there would be more people this would effect. Either way if it's you, go get a free smashburger! You can thank me later!


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