Is this guy crazy... or  cool?  A  Freemont man is getting ready for a 9,300-mile tractor ride through 48 states to raise money for charity!

A 66 year old guy named Dave Wolfsen also is known as "Tractor Dave." Looks like  he plans to begin the ride June 1 and will travel on a 1937 tractor with a 25 mph top speed. He hopes to go about 120 miles a day and will haul a camper behind the tractor. Imagine seeing that thing cruising down 131?

The 66-year-old hopes to raise awareness and money for the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee and Food Resource Bank.

So it's for a good cause, and hey what the heck, he's retired!  Beats playing yhatzee at the Senior Center. Well Done!

Check out the Charity HERE.