Yep, the price of gas is going up. And even though here in Grand Rapids it's pretty high ($3.69 is the price of choice around town right now) it's only going to get worse. The "experts" all say we will be at $4 a gallon by Memorial Day, and $5 a gallon this summer! Yes! Rapid here I come!

In El-Lay, it's even worse. They are ALREADY at $4.99! And watch this video from ABC news last night. ABC News' Cecilia Vega started a story about the price of gas and all that. She was in front of a gas station sign with the price at $4.99. Well, watch and see what happens when she goes back to talking to Diane Sawyer.

Sawyer is in shock as the price changes in front of their eyes! Timing in life is everything. Happy Summer Driving season!