All Canadians for the hit or miss this week!

In early 1985, the song "Go For Soda" from the Akimbo Alogo album became an international hit and remains his best known song outside of his native Canada. The song was also featured in the opening scene of the 1985 Miami Vice episode Buddies. It was popularized in a series of television commercials for the soft drink Mr. Pibb. More recently, that ad campaign was lampooned by American Dad, in the episode A.T. the Abusive Terrestrial.

The song was later used by Trailer Park Boys in the episode "We Can't Call People Without Wings Angels So We Call Them Friends". His most successful Canadian album was the follow-up, 1986's Shakin' Like a Human Being, featuring the hits "Alana Loves Me", "Easy to Tame", and the biggest hit of his career, "Patio Lanterns".

#86 on the pop charts, #12 on the rock charts.