Hopefully you got to see the product image of the upcoming Godzilla: With Light and Sound toy and book kit before it was removed from the web, but even if you didn't, we're gonna do you one better.

The first official photos of the larger Godzilla figure that'll be released in conjunction with the film reboot, hitting theaters May 16, rampaged their way online, and this bad boy is more than three feet long. Collectors and kids have our permission to officially geek out.

MTV News premiered the first look at this monstrous toy, the photos of which get right up close with the rebooted beast. While the movie trailers and photos have, for the most part, skimped at a full look at Godzilla, this toy was based on director Gareth Edwards' movie rendition and is arguably our best look yet -- aside from that pretty kick-ass Empire magazine cover.

Said Dominic Laurienzo, Senior Vice President of Design for JAKKS Pacific, of the figure:

Our massive Godzilla figure is unlike any on the market today. At over three-and-a-half feet in length, we've captured every inch of 'Awesome-ness' from head to tail! From the moment we saw the storyboards, we knew this would be the ultimate addition to the Large Scale Figure world.

The team worked very closely with Warner Brothers and some of the best sculptors to bring to life the magnitude of this character. Whether kid or collector, we are very excited to bring our Godzilla figure to fans of all ages.

Some fun features to keep in mind are the mouth-moving and tail-wagging action, though it unfortunately is not able to release that iconic roar. This Godzilla toy will be available to purchase at Toys R' Us later this week for $44.99 before hitting stores nationally in May. We're also hoping for cast members Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen in action-figure form, but we won't hold our breath.

JAKKS Pacific via MTV News
JAKKS Pacific via MTV News
JAKKS Pacific via MTV News