During this morning's show, Bob, Tom, Kristy & Chick McGee talked at length about the "Grand Rapids Lipdub Video", also featuring it on their website at BobandTom.com

Kristy & Chick also talked at length about how cool Grand Rapids was when the both of them (Kristy Lee & Chick McGee)  performed during Laughfest.  Kristy went on to say,

What a vibrant, fun and enthusiastic place.  Yeah, Grand Rapids is a fantastic city and the people there are very friendly and fun.  I don't know how anybody can say Grand Rapids is a dead or dying city."

About an hour later, Tom Griswold says,

"You have to see what these great folks of Grand Rapids did.  We put the video (GR Lipdub) on our website, bobandtom.com, a absolute must see, a unbelievable video shot in one take.  Treat yourself by checking it out, you won't regret spending the the time watching it.  Very nicely done!  What a great city."