To go along with the post about the Best and Worst Jobs, Grand Rapids is now on ANOTHER Top 10 List! According to Forbes Magazine, Grand Rapids is the number four City in the US to find work in! Perfect for people who are looking!

The story "The 10 Best Cities For Finding Employment Right Now" explains how the magazine came up with the list.

The human resources firm Adecco Staffing U.S. looked at the U.S. cities with the fullest employment, according to the Department of Labor, as well as internal data around job growth and demand–and then determined which areas are the best for finding a job. The ranking reflects considerations such as: the diversity of industries in the city, the cost of living, the range in size of companies offering employment, and high level of education among its residents. All those factors were weighed equally.

Grand Rapids was the 4th city on the list.

Overall Unemployment: 6.6% (February 2013)
Top Industries Hiring: Healthcare, Financial Services, Skilled Labor, Education, IT, Engineering
Skills/Jobs in Demand: Information Specialists, Manufacturing, Administrative, Skilled Laborers

So good luck with that search! This is a great place to be!