OK, so by now you have probably seen the story from Marketwatch.com that has Grand Rapids as the number two place to live in the United States. This story has been posted on Facebook and reported on by 3 of our local TV stations. When I saw it on channel 8's news last night, it was the straw that broke the camels back. This is a great story, but it's OLD NEWS!

According to Relocate America, "Grand Rapids makes RelocateAmerica’s Top 10 list for its solid schools and strong economy, especially when compared with the rest of the state. 'It’s got the best of everything in a smaller large city,” said Steve Nickerson, president of RelocateAmerica.'" That's great, but honestly, it's OLD NEWS!

I have said that twice now. It's an OLD STORY. GO HERE for the original story.

Look at the date of the story. It's FROM LAST AUGUST! Didn't anyone see this then? Has it been THAT slow of a news week?