Remember when no one outside of Kent County cared about Grand Rapids? When the only reason GR would be mentioned was when the fact that more Jello is eaten here per capita than any other American city. Those days are over. Really.

Now Grand Rapids is Beer City USA and the best place to retire and raise a family and live and catch colds and all that. And the fact of this being one of the best places to rasie a family got GR a little national TV love last night.

I have made mention that i'm a fan of the Keith Olbermann show on ESPN late at night. He's timely and snarky and spot on. When he's off (like on vacation) The Worldwide Leader in Sports usually has a fill in. Last night was no exception. It was some Canadian sports guy whose name I don't even know. Go figure. I live in Grand Rapids, not Toronto.

Anyway, said nameless Olbermann fill in was doing a story about basketball player Carmello Anthony and what team he would likely sign with. Maybe, Dallas, or Chicago. But Anthony had another answer to that. "It has to do with my family" he said. So Olbermann's fill in started suggesting the "Best places to raise a Family, according to Forbes Magazine"

Like Odgen, Utah, close to Salt Lake City, and the Utah Jazz.

Or GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN. The second best place in the country. Of course he then would have to play for the Pistons. Strike two! Unless he wanted to play for the new D-League team the Drive, but I'm guessing that might be a bit out of his skill set.

Then after that he mentioned a few other places. Who cares, I thought. Grand Rapids was on National TV. Again.