After being approved by voters in November of 2012, the Grand Rapids marijuana ordinance goes into effect tomorrow, May 1st.  When the ordinance takes effect, a person with marijuana will be given a civil infraction ticket instead of receiving jail time.

On Tuesday, April 30th, the City Manager's office issued the following statement:

The Grand Rapids City Commission is committed to implementing the City Charter amendment approved by voters to permit issuance of civil infractions for certain marijuana offenses.

At the April 24, 2013, Circuit Court hearing, Judge Paul Sullivan reported that he anticipated issuing a decision on the case within two weeks. The City awaits a court ruling.

Keeping with the May 1, 2013 start date committed to in March, the City Manager has issued an Executive Order directing the Grand Rapids Police Department to begin issuing civil infraction tickets for minor marijuana offenses. The City Manager’s Executive Order 2013-01, effective Wednesday, May 1, 2013, describes the conditions under which a municipal civil infraction ticket will be issued.

[Source: Fox 17]