This is really quite funny! You have to love politics.   There are a couple of local candidates in the Democratic Party running for Gerald Fords old seat. Well one of them added nearly 6000 facebook fans in a matter of weeks.  Good right? Well, maybe not so much when you look into it.


But what’s even stranger than the surge is the demographics of his followers. If you log onto his facebook page  you’ll see his “Most popular age group” is 13-17 year-olds and his most popular city is in Israel. In April, it was kids in the age range of 13-17 from the Philippines.

Really?  13 year olds from the Philippines? I'm sure they care a lot about our next representative from West Michigan.  Something is REALLY fishy here!

Check out the whole story HERE.

The other guy running, Trevor Thomas facebook likes appear to be real people from West Michigan!