I never worked with Allison, and she never worked at the former Regent or current Townsquare Media stations, including WFGR. And she DID work at our "competitors". But at this point none of that matters. A person dies. A family mourns. Our prayers here at WFGR go out to Allison's family.

If you didn't know the story, Allison was found in her pool unresponsive by her husband a few days ago. She had been in a medically induced coma when her family decided to take her off the life support machine last night. Allison, whose real name was Prudence Dykstra, had worked in Grand Rapids radio at LAV and The Fox for over 20 years.

She is survived by her Husband, a daughter, Brittany Snyder, two stepsons, Jason and Nicholas Dykstra, her parents, four siblings, and many other relatives.

We will miss you Allison. Talk to you later...